Reopening Huntingdonshire - For many businesses the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 has been really tough. Huntingdonshire District Council were aware of this from the very beginning and quickly put into action a strategic communication plan, using the skills of Keystone Marketing to make sure everyone was aware of what was happening in their local towns after lockdown.

As part of this fast action collaboration team, we were asked to bring the campaign strategy to life. We had to make sure that the campaign identity and graphical components were clear and understood by the wide demographic of the 5 local towns in Huntingdonshire. It was key to the campaign to convey the right tone, so everybody understood that the local shops and businesses were operating to keep them safe. We needed to tug heart strings a little, to show that the business needed the public support without losing the positive community spirit and joy of a local town.

Campaign Identity. Print.
Messaging by Keystone Marketing. Photography by Marisa Crimlis-Brown at Sookio.

Signpost logo identity on dark blue with surrounding shop local and eat local graphical sticker icons
Advert spread for Reopening Huntingdonshire
Sign post logo identity on bright blue background
Icons and symbols of faces and hands and think local for Huntingdonshire shop windows

The first campaign identity Reopening Huntingdonshire was used through the fast changing government guidance of the early stages of the pandemic unlocking. We designed a range of print and digital materials for the campaign, including posters, local press adverts, large format banners, window stickers, social media banners and post templates.

The first campaign was received so well, that we were asked to produce a second campaign identity ‘Think Local’. The Think Local campaign used the momentum of the first campaign to provide the council a platform to continue to build supportive communications with the shops, business owners and local public, through to the end of the pandemic. Their long term aim is to build stronger local communities with a better information network.

Local town centre shop window displaying reopening and think local window stickers
High street wall poster for reopening Huntingdonshire
Printed assts, shop posters, social media banners and posts for reopening huntingdonshire

"GAS Brand Studio don’t just create stand out graphics. They create visuals that are deeply considered in terms of how they best convey messaging, maximising engagement with multiple audiences. To us they are more than designers, but true business partners."

Hayley Williams, Managing Director at Keystone Marketing

Print adverts for reopening Huntingdonshire
Dark blue tote shooping bag printed with the think local identity on pink background
Dark blue high street poster for Think Local campaign.
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